Since the 3200 has gone it allowed me to start looking for another Evo. By shear chance I came across this one and contacted the owner, Tom. After a few emails and a chat I quickly realised that this was the car I wanted for what I intend to do. Tom was brilliant. He held on to the car to allow me to arrange a flight today over to Edinburgh to get it and never once asked for a deposit. Not only that, he lifted me from the airport and had the car full of fuel so I wouldn't have to stop anywere on the way to the boat. That was excellent and made the day for me. The car was exactly as he'd described but if I'm honest I never even looked round it.

He dropped me off in the centre of Edinburgh so he could get the bus home and off I set. Straight into my first problem. No not with the car, with Edinburgh itself. A new tramway is being installed and a lot of the roads the Satnav wanted to use were closed! It took me over half an hour to get out of the City. It was all stop start but the car never missed a beat the whole time... Once I got on the move Miss satnav must have known I was in an integrale because she never put me onto a single main road. I ended up on a road called the A702 and WOW, it was winding and twisting and I felt I was on a special stage in a rally at some points. Fantastic, just what a Grale loves. And this Grale was no exception. It performed brilliantly. It even rained making things more authentic.

I was having so much fun I didn't realise until I came out onto the A75 that I was way ahead of time and had an hour to kill at Stranrear. This gave me time to go through the various bills and books belonging to the car. Originally a Swiss model it has it's original dealer service book which is fully stamped up. Then the UK bills take over were the car came from Walkers in the UK. It may have had 7 owners (the purchase receipts from when all of them bought the car are there) but it's been very well cared for. It's had a new timing belt and balance belts only 3K ago and new discs and pads a couple of hundred miles ago. Anyway on to the boat and home by 19.30. Easiest trip I have ever made to get a car. It even gave me enough time to take a few photo's before dark. It's as it was when I arrived at the door so not washed.

Tom was very honest about the car and hid nothing about it. He had told me that it was very dusty inside and he wasn't joking Yes that is thick dust on the dash and seats. And bit's of trim aren't attatched to anything, but it's all there and that's the main thing.

Tom I think you were a little out with the description though because so far I can't find ANY signs of rust on the car and the worst part is the 2 bolts through the front bumper.

I could be a little picky and mention the the drivers doors is out of line a little, or that the electric roof switch is missing and an electronic boost valve is in it's place. but these are things that will be very easily sorted... Oh and yesterday I came across the exact seats I was after, sitting in my local motor factors. Better still, I got them for the right price. A good start to another Grale ownership I would say.

13/08. Bought these new led style brake light bulbs for the car. No idea if they will be any better than standard ones but we'll give them a try.

14/08. Got home early today so got stuck in with starting to strip the car. Interior doors and surrounding bits first.

Next was the skirts, front bumper and bonnet vents.

Which left me with the car looking like this.

To my joy and with a little surprise, I could not find rust anywere on the car. I won't have to do any welding at all. Even inner wheel arches which are covered by plastic guards creating damp have no signs of rust either.

15/08. Got the inside bits out, well all apart from the front seats as I don't need to take them out yet.

I'm hoping to get the rear seat re-covered in black leather to match the new front seats. A good friend pointed me to a local firm to do this so I'll try them during the week.

I took the roof lining out so I can get at the sunroof. It has no damp stains anywere and there is not so much as a scab on the inside of the rear of the roof either, not a sign of it ever being welded. Now that I'm very pleased about.

17/08. Went to my trusty motor factors to start getting the stuff gathered up for the re-paint. even bought a new spray gun for the job. I decided on a one off special paint for the car so got a sample made up to be sure it's what I'm after. All being well I'll paint the rear spoiler at the weekend to see. Here's hoping.

18/08. I bought FE springs from one of the guys on the Evo forum and they came with the struts. On checking the struts they appear to be in very good order. So I'm going to fit them as they are, well after a good clean and a repaint, and if they are ok I'll leave them on the car untill they wear out. That should give me spares for a while.

I'm starting to get close to being ready to sort the body out so went round the car looking for dents and rust. One dent on the drivers side rear wing beside the fuel filler.

And another dent on the passenger side rear door.

At the rear passenger side corner around the tail light area there was a bit that looked a potential rust problem in the future. I tapped it enough that I eventually made a hole.

Better to find the hole now and to get it sorted. So I cut the entire area out to fit new metal.

new section made, seam welded in and then seam sealed to prevent any further moisture getting in. One thing I did notice was that the drainage pipe that runs from the sun roof just stops inside this panel leaving any water nowhere to go hence the reason the panel rusts. So I cut a hole and fed the pipe through it so any water can drain away. I seam sealed round it to make sure water can't get in either.

20/08. Didn't have much time today so all I had time to do was remove the front and rear screens and the sunroof. Sunroof's proving to be a bit of a pain to get out, even after a helpful Lancia owner, thanks Nick, sent me a pdf on how to remove it. I'll get there though.

21/08. I've been prepairing the roof spoiler to paint more as a test to make sure the paint I've chosen is what I'm after. I also painted the bits that the spoiler attatches to and a model Evo I'm doing the same as the car.

I got the spoiler painted and have to say if the rest of the car turns out the same colour, it's going to look exactly as I wanted it. I could post photo's of the finished spoiler,,, but I think I'll keep it a secret a little while longer Oh alright, here's a little taster

22/08. A couple of new little bits arrived today. A nice HF keyring and a little resin sticker with the gear configuration on it. I like little things like these. They give a nice finishing touch.

27/08. 4 big boxes arrived today.

My new wheels. I was nearly afraid to open the boxes as the wheels were the one thing I wanted to get right. I wanted 17 inch wheels and had looked at every type I could find. I kept coming back to Compomotive TH2's but there seemed to be different types of the same wheel. Some seemed to "dish out" quite a bit and I wanted as flat a face as I could get, but I couldn't figure out which was which. I have to say thanks to the guys on Club Lanciasport forum and Evo forum as I had them tortured asking questions but I wanted to make sure I got the right ones. And I have to say a BIG thank you to Barry from Compomotive direct who was very helpful took time to make sure I got the right ones.

8x17 TH2's with a 27ET. They are exactly the right ones. They even came with a complete set of bolts. I couldn't resist a trial fit and a look along the car to see how little dish there is. Perfect.

28/08. New wiper arms arrived today curtesy of John Whalley integrale specialist. Very helpful people and very friendly. Oh and a sunroof switch came from Germany to.

02/09. Got the sills, front and rear panels and all 4 inner arches stone chipped today ready for a coat of primer.

04/09. Decals for the wheel centre's and a 6 times WRC Champions ecal came today.

05/09. Got the car all taped up in readiness for rubbing down. It took a while getting evering right.

I can't hold off any longer, I've the spoiler finished. It gives a clearer idea of were I'm going with the paint job.

06/09. Managed to get a set of rigid black mud flaps at the right sort of money from Halfords of all places. When the cars finished they will be cut to the appropriate shape.

09/09. Got quite a lot done today. I'm paranoid about the rear of the roof rusting so to hold it off as long as possible I firstly painted across the top of it with seam sealer to make sure there's nowere for water to get in.

And to make doublly sure I then gave it a coat of stone chip. Well every little bit helps as they say. I'll be doing the same thing on the inside of the roof.

In order to get the body primed I need to do the door frames first. I'd already primed them yesterday ready to paint.

I got my local paint supplier to make me up paint that was more gloss than matt as the grills for the bonnet are to be the same colour and easy to cleaned. Frames all painted.

Since I had the paint made up I went ahead and painted the bonnet grills, front grill, fuel cap and the vents behind the rear doors.

And while waiting for all that to dry in between coats I painted the door handles in Matt black.

11/09. A very proud moment. My son decided he wanted to help out with the rebuild. He actually sat with me for over an hour. I was pleased.

12/09. Another very busy day. Got the first coat of primer on the car.

I blew 2 heavy coats onto the bonnet and roof but only one coat onto the sides. The reason for this is that once I spray the stripe on I'll probably get overspray from the yellow and this will be sorted when I give the sides another coat of primer. Also once the first coat of primer was dry I went round the car to try to get out as many imperfections as I could find. The bonnet was the worst with lots of little dimples which looked to me like water bubbles from the bonnet having been painted in the past at some point.

Now for the stripe. I've been thinking of all sortes of ways to try to get this accurate, an the best thing I could think of was a lazor guide thingy. I got one in a sale for £5 which wasn't bad. Anyway moving on. I got the centre line of the car first, "I hope", and then measured everything from that. I measured a lot of marks and then used the lazor to see if they all lined up.

Checked and re-checked, all the marks seem to be spot on, time to put the tape on. It's tape specifically for the job and is designed to give a line with no fluffing on the edges. I again used the lazor to help try to get the tape as straight as possible.

All the stripes on ready for painting. I'll only know for sure if my calculations once it's all the paint is done. Here's hoping.

My new under bonnet vent arrived today to. Very good quality. Another nice little piece.

14/09. Painted the yellow stripe. Had to do a bit of masking to prevent overspray. No going back now.

And after I took the paper off. Doesn't look to bad,, so far!

While I had the yellow paint made up, I thought I'd better paint the model as well.

15/09. Another little package arrived today. This time from Germany. A full set of original under bonnet decals.

And have now got the blue stripe painted on. It look slightly off on the roof were the hole is for the ariel but it's actually the ariel hole that was slightly out. It's the best I can get it and there's not a lot in it so I'm happy with the result.

17/09. Finished off flattening back the primer and hopefully have got all the imperfections out. Since I got it all done sooner than I expected, I painted under the bonnet and around the sunroof. I also painted the door mirrors. So if al goes well tomorrow I should have the car painted.

A brand new set of washer jets came today to.

18/09. Well that's 4 coats of paint now on, litterally as it's still wet. I'll put a final coat on in about 40 mins and then leave it until tomorow to see how it turns out before I think about putting the laquer on. There is a couple of little bits I'm not happy about but it's to late to go back to them.

19/09. Well that's 6 coats of laquer on. Bonnet and rof came out really well and won't need flattened back by the look of it but I did get a couple of runs on a door. Photo's aren't great but I'm pleased with the effect. Can't wait to see it outside to get an idea of the full effect.

You can't tell by the photo but the stripe looks to be deep down in the paint. It was the idea I was after so at least something worked right.

25/09. I've been trying to decide on what badges to put on the front wings, yellow HF, FE white/black HF, and then I found exactly what I wanted, blue Elephants, Lancia good luck charm so to speak. And they are almost the same colour as the blue stripe on the car.

02/10. More new things arrived this morning. A rear top strut brace,

And a new radio. When I say radio, it is also a CD player, DVD player, TV, and full touch screen bluetooth. I tested it this morning and was amazed at the quality of the picture. It also accepts SD card, USB and aux for the I pod..

10/10. As I'm nearing time to put the car back together it's also time to sort any remaining faults out. One of them is the passenger front electric window. It was only going down a little. It didn't take long to find the fault

The metal part of the lifter is rusted so badly a lot of it is missing! The galss had actually parted company with it. It was straight onto Ebay and a brand new lifter complete with new glass was found in minutes which was a bit of a surprise. Should be here during the week all being well.

As there's nothing else I can do with the window for now, I turned my attention to the dash binnicle.

I had to take it apart as I need to put MPH numbers onto the speedo as it's only got KM's which is an MOY failure here. And since I have it apart I will do a couple of little changes to it. Main thing being the clock panel itself. It's a bit, well, grey!

The panel on the Finale edition cars has a matt alloy finish as far as I know, so thats the colour I went for. All the bits removed and panel including the little panel for the oil pressure guage were painted.

11/10. Got the clock binnicle finished. The MPH numbers aren't 100% to my liking but until I can come up with a proper face it will have to do.

13/10. I had a few emails from well wishers interested (thank you) in my work on the car wondering how I'm getting on as things seem to have slowed. Things haven't slowed but there's really not a lot at this stage to post up.. I've had to find the sunroof switch as an electronic boost controller is in it's place and extend the wiring,

and have reloctated it to the centre consol.

I did get time to paint the rear hatch,

and to get it laquered. My brother even came round to help me get it onto the car without scratching any paint which was a bonus.

25/10. I moved the car outside to clean the garage and it was only when outside I noticed that the paint on the tailgate is a shade lighter than the rest of the car. I had only used 2 coats of paint on it were I used 4 coats on the rest of the car. So no choice but to rub it all down again and re-do it.

30/10. Over the last few days I have been priming and painting the rest of the parts to make sure they all come out the right shade this time.

31/10. Waxoiled the entire inside of the roof, specially the rear of it. Put lots in. Also did the inside of the sills and inside the boot corners were the rear arches creat a water trap. I hope by using so much waxoil the car won't show any signs of rust for a very long time to come.

19/11. Lifted the rear seats today from the upholsterer. Very pleased indeed with the result. He did exactly as I'd asked. They will be put in a safe place until I'm ready for them.

23/11. The Hid kit arrived today. I'm not going to hurry myself to fit it as I've got to get the red Multi on the road as soon as I can.

04/12. I finished off refitting the head cloth and all the bits attatched to it so started on the HID kit. It's a straight forward plug and play type so the hardest thing is deciding were to locate the bits.

05/12. took out the drivers seat and lifted the carpet so I can fit the new sound deadening.

Also stripped out all the boot coverings. The marks are bits of the mating that was left.

It's well I did take everything out because both inner wheel arches bellow their seam sealing have holes starting... Drivers side.

Passenger side. A little bit of welding needed.

19/12. New metal all seam welded in now on both arches and seam sealed to prevent any further chance of rust. In fact I painted on rust eater on all bare metal surfaces before I seam sealed. And since the 2 photo's below were taken I have also paintd on stone chip over the seam sealer. Just for good measure.

After I got the arches finished I gave the carpet a good cleaning as the next job is to put the seats back in.

27/12. Had a little free time today so put the rear seats into the car. Very pleased at the result.

28/12. Now that I've the rear seat in I can start on the boot area and as you can see I fitted the strut bar. I also cut the wood for the false floor as the spare wheel will have to lay flat on the floor because with the strut bar in place the wheel won't fit in it's normal place. The floor will be carpeted.

While I was in the mood for cutting wood I cut out a new parcel shelf. The original one is looking a little worse for wear.

31/12. Cut the material to shape that will be covering the new parcel shelf. Also got the material cut for the new boot floor covering and glued on. Will see how it looks tomorrow.

31/12. End of year thought's. I thought I'd have the car on the road long before now but as always with restorations, things don't go to plan. The laquer not drying to quickly held me back a lot but actually worked in my favour in the end as I took more time to make everything esle right. I should have the car finished by the end of Feb but won't be taking it out until the weather changes for the better....

01/01/10. While recovering from last nights new years party I took a bit of time to fit the false boot floor. It came out a lot better than I thought it would. It's not hoovered yet in the photo.

I trial fitted the parcel shelf to, to see how the match was with the racy red stripe. I have still to finish the edges.

03/01. Boot floor now finished and cleaned. Came out well I think.

09/01. Got the front seats fitted today. Really all left to do to finish the interior is put the door panels back on but I won't be doing that until I get the inside of the doors waxoiled. Problem is the compressors packed in so I have to get it working first. (Photo's not the best).

Also fitted the under bonnet vent.

And fitted all the grills and under bonnet plastic cover.

15/01. Wohoo I got mats specially made and they arrived today. I'm very pleased at how they came out. Very good quality and didn't realise they would be bound in dark red leather.

16/01. Got the badges fitted to the new centre caps for the wheels. I'm not sure if I'll kep them silver though.

23/01. New HT leads and rocker cover gaskets arrived today courtesy of John Whalley Lancia. I have one HT lead splitting and a tiny leak from the rear rocker gasket so they will all be changed.

25/01. My worst fears were realised today. Since painting the car in September the paint has been soft and easily damaged. I had planned to get the car put in an oven to get it to harden. However I had an expert check it over today and the bottom line is that the paint will now never harden fully due to too many coats of lacquer and to little hardener. This now means that I have to rub the car back to base paint and start again which is going to take weeks. To say I'm devastated would be an understatment as the car came out almost perfect, and a major blow. I'll start stripping everything off again tomorrow. I'm to annoyed to post the finished photo of how it turned out.

28/01. Started rubbing the car back today. It was heart breaking

06/02. As heart breaking as it is to have to bring the car back to primer it does have one little advantage, there were a few imperfections that I'd missed so now I can go back and sort them out. I'm hoping to have the car back on the road by April as there is a big Lancia meeting planned then and I would love this to be the cars first outing now. Here's hoping nothing else goes wrong.

20/02. Some trim pieces I had been waiting on (mine were all cracked) arrived this morning curtesy of one of the guys from Lancia Sport Forum, thank you Luke. It was all I could do to bring them in from the front door as I have a pretty nasty virus according to my doc that has floored me for the last few days now. It's actually been dragging on since xmas. This morning was the first I actually felt like getting out of bed for a while. All this means that the car is falling further and further behind on my April date to have it ready for the annual Lancia Ireland Club run. It's not looking good for making it, specially if I'm feeling this ill.

20/03/10. I've had a few emails from very kind people asking how the re-paint is going and wishing me well after my first spray job went wrong. I'll not name anyone but thank you everyone for your support. The update is that only today I got the car completely masked up ready for taking all the old laquer off. I got as far as flattening back the roof, so hopefully things can move on a bit faster now.

I don't need to re-do under the bonnet so it was masked off.

17/04. At long last I got the car primed again today but only because a good friend 'Eddie' very kindly lent me his compressor as mine has packed up. I owe him a really big thankyou for doing that. I can now concentrate on flattening the primer back and should be ready for painting again in just a couple of weeks if I can grab 20 minutes here and there.

23/04. I haven't been happy with the way I had to put the stickers in the speedo for the MPH but didn't know how to get round it any better. Thankfully a friend Nick put me in touch with Tim, a very nice Gentleman, with just happened to have one and it arrived today. Thank you to both of you for helping me get the one part of the inside of the car that was niggling me right.

24/04. Started flattening back the primer. I've a lot of other things to do over the next few weeks so it may be a while before I'll be ready for paint. But at least I got started. I'm using the lights to help see any blemishes.

I got bored after a while so decided to paint the brake calipers. I decided to keep with the theme and use the same colours as the stripe. My hand wasn't to steady after all the flattening so I might re-do the letters.

08/07. I haven't had time to do much of late but I did start tinkering with making a new grill. I decided to make a mesh grill in the same lines as the FE cars. First thing to do was cut out the old slaghts.

Then cut the mesh to shape and spray it black.

11/07. At long last I got the paint on today. A little part of the bonnet didn't come out to my satisfaction so I'm painting it again tomorrow.

29/07. A day to mark, the cars finally done. After almost a year and a long one it has been. I've still a bit of cleaning to do round the engine bay but I'm pretty happy with the result, the colour is exactly what I was after and in bright sunlight the pearl affect really sparkles.

The interior didn't turn out to bad either I think.

Boot isn't a tidy as I'd have liked but I'll work at it as I go along.

And just as it was getting dark I thought I'd check out the Hid's and the new LED sidelights. At least I'll be able to see were I'm going at night now.

02/08. As the mot is coming up I thought I better sort out the speedo overlay. This is the new one I got from Lancia.

The dash face has to be removed to fit the overlay so once the complete unit has been taken out the electric strip for the dash bulbs has to be taken off. The bulbs have to come out first and are a little fiddly to remove.

Then the strip has to be carefully be taken off. It is held on with plastic pins.

And finally the plastic cover can be taken off. the clips have to be gently prised out so not to damage them.

When that's been done the overlay can be fitted without upsetting the speedo needle or the little pin that it rests on. It's pretty straight forward.

15/08. It was bright sunlight today which really brought out the pearl and candy in the paint so I took a couple of photo's. It gives a bit of an idea of how it looks.

20/08. Got permission to use a railway yard for a few photo's, so parked the car amongst the stacks of rails. I Don't think my camera did the location justice though.

21/11. The guys from our Club and the TVR club went out for a run today. I rarely get a chance to go with them but got to tag along. It was a good run up to Spelga damm with one of those mad looking TVR's spitting flames out of its exaust of at least a foot. The roads were real Lancia territory and as I was flowing into the corners my son who was with me was loving every moment of it, right up until he fell asleep. To think I almost sold the car a few weeks ago, thank goodness my Missus and a few mates talked me out of it.

04/12. We had a bit of snow last night and as I had to move the Lancia around the garage to put it away for the winter I decided to take a couple of gratuitus of the car in the snow. It won't be out again until the waether improves.

06/04/11. Spent the last couple of days cleaning the car and getting it ready to start using again. One thing I had been meaning to do over the winter but never got round to until now was make a sump guard. I wanted a carbon finsh this time so spent the weekend making it. (see how to do it on the Martini thread). Once I had it made I left it in with my good friends Mark and Des at Canavans tyres and they fitted the carbon wrap for me. It came out exactly as I'd hoped and looks quite authentic I think. Well done guys.

It didn't take to long to fit and finishes the front of the car. All I really want now is a diff cradle and a lower strut brace and that will be as much as I'll be doing to the car.

I even had time for a little photo of the Lancia and Panda van together.

16/04. Took the Evo and the Panda Van to an event our club went to today. I'm sure it won't mean much to most of you but the building behind the car is Stormount building were lots of famous political and other things have taken place over the years. I never thought I'd be in a position were 2 of my cars would be outside it. One of those proud little moments for me.

Lined up with some of the other cars from the club.

28/04. My diff cradle arrived today from Wlakers. A lot of money for something not that big in the flesh.

29/04. I decided to keep a theme going and painted it the same colour as the blue on the stripe on the car.

Painted in the morning and fitted late in the afternoon. I'm happy with it.

During the day one of the guys from Ferrari Life forum that I am on, come round for a natter, all the way from Dublin. A good chance for a photo of the 2 cars together.

28/05. It was the All Ireland Italian Motor day 2011 today and of course I had to attend with the car. I think it was well received and I did get a few nice photo's.

Someone else took this one.

05/06. A local show for charity so a few of us from our club went along in support.

07/06. Walking past the car tonight the sun was dropping behind it in the background. It didn't come out as well as I'd hoped.

11/06. Another big show here for modified cars called the Ballymena carfest. Our club atended so I took the Lancia.

For this show I added a couple of little things. I updated the grill badge.

I made new grill inserts for the vents in the bonnet to stop leaves and such falling into the engine bay.

24/06. A local show was on tonight that we have been going to for 16 years and has turned into a tradition. We usually take the 500 but due to work I thought I wasn't going to get this year. However at the last minute the work thing was cancelled and I hastily got the Lancia ready. Unfortunately and for the first time ever the weather was just awful and we were home pretty early.

21/08. A local web forum were holding their 10th anniversery today and had asked our club to attend. It was a big show with some really nice cars on show. Our stand I thought was excellent with a great mix of cars.

You can imagine my surprise when the Evo was awarded a prize for car of the show for the 1990's! I was over the moon. To be recognised at a show like this was a bit special. I won an expensive tub of Carnuba wax which will be put to good use on the "Maranello House" Evo. Thank you to the RMS guys who selected the car.

01/10. I have less and less time to enjoy and work on the cars so I have made the decision to reduce my collection, something I said I would do ages ago and didn't. This time I am. So the Lancia is now for sale. I have only covered around 500 miles since finishing it and it spends most of its time in the garage. I regret selling it but there's just no point having it sitting. So please contact me if you are interested in buying it.

01/10. I noticed over the past week a few drips of clutch/brake fluid on the floor of the garage. On checking it was the clutch slave cylinder leaking. A new one was ordered and arrived today. So I took the old one out. It is indeed leaking.

So the new one went on today sorting the problem.

04/10. Although the clutch problem was sorted on checking the flexi pipe I wasn't happy with it, it was just starting to show signs of wear. I phoned John Whalley and ordered up a new pipe. £80 for a flexi pipe. I got it fitted tonight.

12/10. Took the car for mot today, it failed. The rear offside brake wasn't grabbing at all, I thought it was but there you go. Rather than mess about I ordered a new calliper as I do think it may be at fault. Oh and I got told off for a bit of oil on top of the engines head. I know what it was though. I've 2 new rocker cover gaskets that I've been meaning to put on for ages so did last night and one of them didn't seal properly so it was seaping oil out. I'll sort this out on Saturday along with fitting the new calliper.

15/10. The new calliper came yesterday.

While I was fitting the new calliper I replaced the rear flexi pipe for braided Goodridge ones I bought to put on a few weeks ago. Re-test isn't until next Thursday which is a pain so I'll be trying to get it in sooner.