This one was a a very hard decision. I never had any intentions of ever selling the 127 Sport, specially after spending 15 years looking for a decent one and then spending the best part of 2 years restoring it into the best car I could. However I have a serious weak spot for Lancia integrale's and when this one came up for sale I knew it was time for the 127 to go. I think what's made it easier to make the decision was that I know the 127 is going to someone who will cherish it as much as I would have. So after over 3 weeks of emails, txt's and phone calls I am now the proud owner of the Lancia integrale Evolution Martini you see here. This is my 5th integrale and the most special to me because to me me it celebrates Lancia at it's best and the only manufacturer to win 6 world rally championships in a row. No-one has bettered that.

The car has had a £6000 engine rebuild last year which included new balanced crank, con rods balanced, forged pistons, groupe A head gasket, 12mm head bolts, new balanced cams, new water and oil pumps, new stage 1 hybrid turbo, full Samco hoses, stainless steel exhuast, and the list just goes on. It's covered less than 2000 miles since the rebuild.  The parts were all supplied by Walkers famous for working on integrale's and 2 ex workers for Bob Brain (another integrale specialist) built the engine...  The front brakes are High Spec 4 pot billet calipers with 330mm discs and red stuff pads. It has a quick shift gear lever fitted which I have to say totally transforms the gear changes and I would highly recomend it to anyone with an integrale. 17" Compomotive rims on 40 series tyres. Oh and it's fitted with a starter button for good measure.   It even has a full width mude flap fitted across the centre of the car around the front seat area. It also has uprated suspension but I'm not sure just yet what suspension is on it. I'll know better once I have a fiddle around it and I won't be doing this until I get the 127 finished as this is my top priority. 

This is it waiting on the boat at Holyhead.

  Car home and just washed. I want to have the car looking as close to the rally cars as I can get it "well on the outside anyway". It may take a while as some of the parts aren't going to be cheap.

Just took this one while moving the car about to put them away for the winter (or until I get time to drive them). While I was sorting them out my mate called round who does graphics and he has offered to make up all the graphics that I need to finish things off. So hopefully I'll sort them out over the next few weeks.

While my mate was sorting out the 127 today I decided to check out a few things on the Lancia. First thing was a couple of small bubbles on the rear of the roof. I poked them with the screw driver and of course it went right through. Thankfully they are really small ones that I have caught at the right time.  

I was for taking the 127 to get the lights lined and tracking done today but there's workmen diggin up our street and brown water all running down it so there was no way I was for taking the 127 out in it. Instead I had a look at the rear roof. The paint on the spoiler blocks is past it's best, so rubbed them down in preparation to repaint them. 

Since I had to take the spoiler off I took the "Lancia Racing" decal off as it should read "Martini Racing". I also flattened the paint on the spoiler as I am going to repaint it to.   

The vent panel on the passengers side of the car at the rear door for some reason had been left white so as I had to get a horn of rthe 127 I also got paint matched up to paint it. I had to get the new water based paint as 2pk is now no longer available.

Panel now painted with the new stuff. Colour match came out perfect and took no time at all. Only pain is that even standard colours have to be laquered now.   

Roof block now rubbed down and primed.

Holes in the roof as you can see have now been treated with lots of rust eater and new metal will be welded back in. Once this is all done I will take the headcloth off a bit and spray waxoil into the roof are to make sure there is no more moisture to get in. 

 I had a look at photos of the real rally cars and noticed that the roof spoiler sits at a greater angle than mine does. So I checked out some sites and found extensions that allow the spoiler to adjust. They looked well in kevlar but the price of 2 little things the size they are is a bit much in my book so I took a photo and while waiting for the paint on the roof to dry, made my own out of metal..

Once I had the shape cut out I covered them with a bit of spare Kevlar sticky plastic that's been lying around for ages. I knew it would come in handy someday. I haven't c;eaned them up yet but I think they came out fine for something that cost nothing at all and took 15 minutes to make.


Rear of the roof and the spoiler blocks now painted. Wouldn't say I'm fully satisfied with the water based paint. It took to long to do. You can also see the red vent panel is now back on. It matched up great.

Put my new home made spoiler extensions on. I will be changing the little bolts for nicer ones but wanted to make sure it fitted and, well I think they came out great. 

The end of the indicator stalk wasmissing and the stalk wasn't working properly so Ebay came to the rescue as usual and I got a good used set from it. 

It only took 20 mins to do and is very straight forward.

Since I'm in the mood for making up my own stuff, I've decided to have a go at making the sump guard the sticks out from under the front of the car Rally cars. As it's going to be purely for show it's really more the front lip so won't be going right under the engine area. I have decided to make it out of 8th guage metal though for a little strength.

One sheet of metal, pencil, measuring square and cutters.


An hour later and it's cut to shape. I have to admit I did cheat a little as I checked one out that was on the net made out of GF, so knew the shape I was after. I need to tidy it up and do a trial fitting before I paint it.

Waste not, want not. As I had to prime the door of the 127 after marking the paint I took the opportunity to prime the sump lip as well.

While I was out getting the door of the 127 finished I got the lip finished in between coats. I think it has turned out pretty well.

Had a whole 15 miins spare this morning before heading off for work so put the lip on.

Once the car was sitting on the ground again it gave a better idea of the finished look.

Rear boot handle surround was damaged so I was lucky enough to get a good used one on Ebay.

I just had to change the lock over and the whole job took no more than about 20 mins as the handle is only held in with 3 8mm nuts.


A set of full Sabelt harness' came with the car so I sent away to Demon Tweeks for 4 fish eye bolts to attatch the belts to. I was able to fit them so I could retain the original belts to.


The material for the mud flaps came at the same time as the fish eye's. It's the proper material the rally cars used.


I made up the rear flaps first. I think I've got them in the right place. I looked at how they were fitted to a few of the rally cars and none were on the same way but all were in the same place. I fitted them with self tappers so I can remove them if need be. They were easy to cut with a good pair of scissors.

Once on I again did the same as the rally cars and rolled them up a bit and secured them with cable ties. I would have liked to roll them a little higher but the exhaust side wouldn't allow for it so I had to compromise.

The front Mud flaps took a bit of fettling to get the right shape as they fit on the side of the front wings and not at the edge. I didn't want to drill holes in the wings to secure them so I've used a very strong glue instead but I'm not convinced the glue will hold. I'll see how it goes. They are secured under the sill with a self tapper so won't fall off. " I hope".


While I was fitting the flaps Mark who owns Canavan Tyres and who I asked to make up all the decals to finish the car arrived to the house with them all done. I wasn't expecting them so soon so it was a welcome surprise. All 56 of them   

Well it took almost 3 hours to put the decals on. I haven't went 100% authentic with them as I wanted to add my own little personal touch in a couple of places. But they are close. I did put the Carrello ones in the wrong place though. They should have been below the grill on the bumper instead of above it. Oh and if your wondering "why the number 6", well it's to celebrate Lancia winning 6 straight WRC's with the integrale. No other manufacturer has ever done this. "I'm very happy with the result but let me know what you think by posting your comments on the forum".

The real thing to compare with my own. 

I was at a Club event and fellow integrale owner Peter Simpson handed me a big parcel. When I got it home and opened it was front door cards. Exactly what I was after as I don't like were the speakers are in the doors. I'll need small speakers but at least they will be a bit more discreet. Thank you Peter.   

He also gave me a number plate surround for the rear plate. Some of the rally cars used them so it will be another nice little touch.


Put the suround on today. It took all of 10 minutes. Looks ok I think.

02/12. I've been pricing lamp Pods for the car and ok they are either £500 for a fibre glass or around £600  for a kevlar one. As the car is more what I'm sure some people would call a replica and isn't going to be used all year round, the pods seem a bit of an expensive waste. So in true DIY fashion I've decided to make my own out of 6 guage metal. I know it will be a little heavier than fibre glass but I don't think it will be by a big amount. Anyway for the cost of 2 sheets of metal, if it ends up looking rubbish I'll bin it and have a re-think... So 2 sheets of 4x1 were bought at £4 each. First job was to mark out the size for the lamps. I am using 4 7" diamiter lamps so drew them out and that gave me the size to work from. 


Once the shape was cut I cut 6 2" holes for air to get to the radiator and also to lighten the pod a little. Then the second sheet of metal was laid along the top edge and tack welded in place and folded to start to give the shape I was after.  

Once tacked on it allowed me to fold the back of the pod into shape. As you can see I had to make 2 cuts into the metal so I could bend it to give me the curves at the end. Once I got the shape I wanted, any access metal was cut off and the whole lot seam welded.  You can just see to at the bottom right of the pod were I have the arms that will attach to the cars headlight frame welded on.  

05/12. The new lamps arrived today curtesy of Ebay. The measured up perfectly.

08/12. Got the primer on the pod this morning. I think it's starting to look well.

The inside will be painted matt black and the outside painted white, the same colour as the car.

10/12/07. My new bucket seats came today and better sitll my Wife has bought them for me for Christmas. She was a bit unpleased though because I took one out of the box and brought it out to the garage to fit it. I had seriously considered fitting fixed buckets but decided against them in the end as these look fine and are very comfortable. The original seats will be stored in the attic should I ever decide to take the buckets back out.


11/12/07. Put the seat in today. Took a bit of fiddling with the runners but it went in ok and looks the part. I'm not allowed to put the other one in until after christmas as the Missus wants to wrap it up.  "Stop laughing"!


12/12. Finally got the pod finished and fitted it onto the car to make sure all is ok.

Once on and checked over, it was time to fit the lamps. I'm not wiring them up for now as I will get all the wiring for them in the new year. I would have taken better photos of the car outside but the blue Panda in the background wouldn't start so I could only move it to the edge of the garage. 

I made these covers for the lamps as well. I'm not sure if I'll use them to often though as I think the car looks better without them. 

Finally got the car out so I could see how it looks. Here's a few photos. 

I'm not convinced about the lamp covers. I'd prefer the car without them.

15/12.. The sunstrip arrived today. Brilliant except I didn't realise I have to make it up. I have to stick the letters to the strip, cut the strip to size and then stick it to the windscreen. 

Took a while but I got there in the end. Very awkward though.

28/12. My badges all came to get the seats finished and I got them in and the belts all sorted. Another little job finished.

26/01. I'm going to tax the car and put it on the road next week, so I decided to check a few things over and one thing to do was swap the front and rear wheels to keep tyre tread levels the same. It was the first chance I got to see the front brakes. They are a bit impressive.. 

And look even more impressive when you see them beside a standard size disc!

28/01. I think I've all I want to do to the car done, for now. I was working on a set of front wheels vents the rally cars used but they weren't a success so it's back to the drawing board on that one. I've tidied up the side graphics a little to as I wasn't settled with it and I might change the 6 for a thicker one. Anyway, it was nice outside this morning so I took a couple of photos of the finished product. I think it's looking ok.  

11/02. It's well I haven't been using the car because since I got it home there has always been a bit of a petrol smell inside. It seemed to get worse the past week so I investigated. To my horror I found that the fuel lines that go into the pump under the rear seats weren't secured and were being held in with nothing more than instant gasket and their rubber O rings. 

It took nothing at all for them to more or less fall out.

The O rings were shot from the fuel leaking past them so I had to replace them.

Once the rings were in place I made up a bracket to secure the lines so they won't move. There's no leakage since but I'll check the pipes again tomorow to make sure there is no more surprises.

20/02. My mate Mark (who just happens to own a tyre and exhaust centre) called up to the house for a chat on Saturday and grounded me from driving the car because the tyres had very little tread left on the inside edge. For some reason I had in my head that as long as there was goo tread over 90% of the tyre it was legal. Shows how easy it is to get caught out...  Anyway I took his advice and went down to his place this afternoon for a new set. 

It didn't take the guys long to get stuck in.

New and old tyres.

Back on his wheels and ready to play.

Just the tracking to be done before I head off to lift the kids.

13/03. Boy did I do the single most stupidest (is there such a word) thing in the world today. I reversed the Coupe into the Lancias Lamp pod. I forgot it was on the car. Remarkably I never got so much as a scrape on the Coupe but the pod didn't fair out as well. It bent and broke   I'm actually not that worried if I'm honest because I wasn't happy about the way it wobbled a bit so was for taking it off and strengthening it which ment I was going to have to repaint it anyway. Just happy the Coupe didn't get damaged.


19/04. I re-built the pod again and it's stronger than it was. Paint didn't turn out as well as I hoped but I've run out of time as I am taking the car to a showing in Southern Ireland next week. I'll paint it again when I get back. My mate Eddie came round today to and wired up the spot lamps so thats another little job out of the way. Just have to tidy a few things up now for next week.  

20/04. I've been thinking now for a while about making a roof vent for the car. Looking at various photos of the rally Deltas I decided on the easiest one I could make   . Since the car has a sunroof it would be silly to start cutting holes so an imitation one is what I decided to make. I made it out of a piece of perspex for lightness. And of course I had to paint it in the colours of the Italian flag.

21/04. Roof vent finished and on the car. I secured it using the hole the arial went in through and this ment moving the arial to the rear of the car. I was for doing this anyway at some point because there had been one of those bee sting arials on the car which was really out of place. I'm pleased with the result, although if I'm honest I probably will change the flag colours in the future as they don't look quite right somehow.

22/04. With going to the Lancia Event in Kilarney and I'll be driving in convoy, I'm a little concerned that the headlights could get damaged and since they are getting expensive and hard to get I decided to cover them with a film of plastic we use at work to hold damaged windows together. No Idea how effective it will be but every little helps.

Apart from packing now the only job left to do was change the oil, just to be on the safe side. Oil filter was changed as well.

Friday April 25. Lancia Motor Club Ireland, tour of the lakes. 


 They had very kindly invited me along to this and I couldn't refuse a chance to go back to were I used to rally a little, specially with the Evo. So with car all loaded up (including a spare set of wheels to be droped off at Roscrea) off my mate Vincent and I went. My Wife was to go but because of work couldn't make it. We dropped the wheels off with Gerry who is currently putting an integrale back together and he kindly fed us lunch which set us up for the rest of the 5 1/2 hour journey. No dramas were to be had on the way down (lots of thumbs up though) and about 40 mile from Killarney we decided to stop and get the car washed so it would look presentable when we arrived.

Car all nice and clean we sat off again only for it to rain 10 mile down the road. Mind you when we arrived at the Killarney Oaks hotel we were greated with a great sight.


Sat 26th. Sign in was first thing and Kim and Dave who were running the event were on hand with the rally packs. they had promised me a sticky plague for the car and also a hard plastic one with the number 6 on it to match the car and they didn't let me down. The design of it was even the same as the ones that would have been on the rally car at say Mote Carlo. I was really chuffed at this and it ment a lot to me..  

Cars were filing in from early morning with around 30 by the time we were to set off on our run. A really nice Evo 2 turned up. 

The days run would take us from Killarney in the morning around the Lakes and then lunch at Glengariff. Apart from Steven in a Nero Evo and Boka in a red one taking the head staggers and passing everyone the drive was at a nice pace which I think suited the older cars. I got to drive behind a lovely Fulvia Zagato for a while and a really nice Grey 8v grale. 

My new mates John and Sarah tried to do a james Bond act by creating a little smoke screen for a while

We had a little pit stop along the way to take a few photos and take in the views which are stunning.

It was on to lunch at Glengariff.

I think this photo of the car looks excellent. Even if I say so myself.

Lunch over it was time to set off again for what for me turned out to be the best bit, the Healy Pass and some really cracking little twisty roads that made the Evo feel at home.

The twisty little roads we'd just came up. 

We stopped at a hotel "I never did get the name of it" for a last little break and the hotel manager came out and offered everyone a complementry drink in the hotel. Another excellent example of Irish hospitality.   

I made some briliant new friends who made the "craic" really come to life "and kept me going a lot", and had the pleasure to be in the company of really great cars. It was a truly excellent weekend.  I also discoverd that my car is in fantastic shape. It never missed a beat once even over some awful roads and on the way home it went for the full 5 hours without stopping once and pulled into the drive as fresh as it left Killarney.